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Founder and Chief Executive Officer



Ms. Kadisha Willock is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Branded. Originally named Design 284, Ms. Willock saw the vision for Branded as a young high school girl 10+ years ago and began working towards her goal of establishing a marketing company to serve her community, and eventually the world, with great marketing content. Stemming from a family of endless creatives, Kadisha credits her uncle, who was a prominent marketing figure in the British Virgin Islands, for being the one who sparked her interest in this industry the most. Although she began designing in high school, Kadisha did not officially launch her company until her collegiate years. 


She earned her degree in Graphic Design from the International Academy of Design & Technology in Orlando, Florida in 2013. Kadisha is currently employed at CCT BVI, which is the BVI’s Premier cellular service and 4G LTE network provider, where she is the lead Graphic Artist and Marketing Assistant to the Marketing Manager. Ms. Willock considers herself a forever student and is currently pursuing certifications to not only build her academic foundation, but to remain open and current on her industry knowledge.

Being that she is an introverted individual, Graphics and Marketing are the ways in which she expresses herself in order to display her personality to the world. Kadisha finds freedom and a comfortable “no judgement zone” when she delves into this craft of hers that she is utmost passionate about. Outside of being the proud mother of a smart, vibrant, and extremely active 7-year old, she enjoys designing, photography, and videography. Aside from her craft, Kadisha is an avid shopper, binge watcher of several shows, and traveler.

Kadisha’s aim is to create and/or market brands that business owners and their customers alike would be excited and proud to engage with and share beyond their immediate circle. Regardless of the ownership type or the industry, Kadisha and her team see all of their clients’ needs as a product they are selling that means everything to the client; therefore, it means just as much to them. In the end, her clients get a marketing professional who is a willing and resourceful friend that envisions their business as if it’s her equal pride and joy.

About Me


Business Development Administrator 

the force

Nicoy is a 21 year old aspiring business manager and finance professional. Currently, he is a Senior at Temple University’s Fox School of Business where he majors in Finance.


In his adolescent years, Nicoy aspired to be a lawyer at one point and a doctor at the next, however, exposure to the business world allowed him to zone in on said industry which he is now extremely passionate about.


Nicoy also enjoys partaking in and watching sports, reading short novels, and hanging out with friends in various capacities which includes, but is not limited to going to the beach. He is people oriented and efficiency driven in all aspects of his life and wishes to create a safe and enjoyable space in every room he enters.

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